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Xembl is an AI tool for scheduling, calendar management, and task tracking, increasing productivity.

Hire Hoc

AI tool automates recruitment workflows, saves time and effort by generating job descriptions, interview questions, and identifying needed skills.


Turbohir: recruiting automation platform with 7 modules for end-to-end recruitment, used by 120+ companies across 15 industries. ISO 27001, GDPR, SOC 2, EEO compliant.

Customize your cover letter with Cover Letter Simple’s AI to land the job you want.


Resoum is an AI-powered resume builder with job-specific tailoring, LinkedIn import, and remote job listings.

Recruiting Emails AI by Dover

Dover is an AI-powered recruitment tool that automates candidate sourcing through personalized cold emails using GPT-3 technology.


The Shared Recruiting Co. (SRC) is an open-source platform that improves recruiting efficiency and transparency for candidates and companies.


SRC is a candidate-focused recruiting platform that streamlines the recruitment process for candidates and companies.

AI Careers

AI Career tool is a platform for AI job seekers to find and apply for global opportunities easily.


This AI tool prepares individuals for behavior interviews by analyzing resumes and generating customized reports. is an AI-powered talent acquisition platform that offers level one interviews, screening, code assignments, chatbots, and integration options.