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Generate apps automagically with AI.


Make is one of the most popular AI no-code builders and is proclaimed as a better and more affordable version of Zapier.


PowerBrain AI is an AI chat app for iOS and Android that provides fast answers, task automation, and content generation for various fields.

Kwirk is a free AI tool that enhances text editing by interpreting and summarizing content, making corrections, and providing AI coaching, primarily supporting English users but capable of translating into other languages.


With the help of AI, iChatWithGPT lets iPhone and Apple Watch users connect with OpenAI’s ChatGPT over iMessage.


Lensa is a comprehensive photo editor that allows you to create masterpieces from your ordinary snapshots.


Socratic use AI to compile a database of instructional materials such as videos, definitions, questions and answers, links, and more to aid students in completing their assignments.


Photoleap App is an AI-driven photo editing app for iOS devices.


Fyle is business expense management software to make the process easier and more streamlined for companies to keep track of expenses.


Databot is an AI-powered virtual assistant program that can perform a wide range of useful tasks.

BarBot AI

The mobile app Barbot AI helps people make cocktails that suit their tastes.


Scenario is the ultimate AI-powered engine for creating style-consistent game assets.