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Zyng AI

Zyng is an AI ad tool for creating high-quality product posts on social media.

Magic Prints

AI-powered merchandise design with custom designs, image processing, 3D printing, and more services.


Tiip is an AI tool that rapidly generates creative, accurate e-commerce product descriptions.

Craftly.AI is an AI-driven copywriting tool offering customizable content and team management features.


Shopia is an AI tool providing content generation, SEO planning, and a freelancer network.

Lek is a multilingual AI-powered tool that rapidly generates content for various digital platforms. is an AI tool offering Instagram and TikTok analytics for businesses, with advanced features available for subscription.


Embolden is an AI-powered tool that generates engaging content for e-commerce businesses.


Wizishop is an AI-powered e-commerce tool offering features, support, and pricing plans for online businesses.


Jaeves is an AI-powered tool for generating unique, creative content for various digital platforms.


Octocom is an AI chatbot for small and medium-sized ecommerce businesses that enhances sales, customer satisfaction, and support ticket handling.


Certain is a conversational AI solution for e-commerce that integrates with multiple channels, offers personalized experiences, and improves sales and customer satisfaction.


Inbenta is a leading global company known for AI and NLU technologies in various areas like enterprise search, chatbots, and more.

Anywebsite is a platform that allows website owners to easily integrate an AI chatbot that can answer visitor queries and enhance website content, with various customization options and easy content retrieval methods.