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WebWhiz is an AI tool that enables the training of a ChatGPT website to develop a chatbot specifically for your website. Through WebWhiz, you have the ability to promptly address customer inquiries and provide them with a personalized AI assistant capable of assisting with a broad range of questions. The chatbot is trained using the provided data, ensuring accurate and up-to-date responses.

The setup process for WebWhiz is straightforward and does not necessitate any coding skills. Simply add a script tag to your website to embed the chatbot, and you’re ready to go. Additionally, you can customize the chatbot’s appearance to seamlessly integrate it with your website’s theme.

To keep the chatbot up to date, WebWhiz routinely crawls your website, collecting data and ensuring the chatbot is trained with the latest information. It gathers text data from website pages, including metadata such as page titles and descriptions. Be assured that WebWhiz does not collect any personally identifiable information or sensitive data from your website.

WebWhiz provides a range of pricing plans to accommodate different needs. It begins with a free open-source option for basic usage and also offers cloud-based solutions for hosting and support. The pricing plans vary based on the number of tokens per month, projects, and pages. You can select the plan that suits your requirements.

If you prefer to use your own OpenAI key, WebWhiz also offers a self-hosting option. This option is fully transparent, private, and secure. The code is available on GitHub for you to review, run, and contribute to.

Should you have any inquiries, WebWhiz offers a built-in chatbot for assistance or you can contact them via email. Start using WebWhiz today to create a robust chatbot for your website and enhance your customer support experience.


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