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Veloxy is a predictive sales-enablement tool and platform powered by artificial intelligence that is aimed to help sales representatives and executives save time and boost productivity so that they can close more deals.

In order to provide sales representatives and executives with the information they need, when they need it, and in the form they need it, Veloxy aggregates data from internal and external information sources (corporate, CRM, geolocation, and social media) and delivers it contextually. Sales staff can save time and make sure pipeline data is always accurate by using Veloxy, which syncs with Salesforce CRM in real-time.

Veloxy allows you to integrate your Salesforce account with Outlook/Office365 or GMail, allowing you to keep tabs on individual or batches of emails, as well as related activities, leads, and contacts. Focus on revenue-generating tasks while a virtual assistant powered by AI does the rest.

Veloxy provides a CAN-SPAM compliant solution, saving businesses the cost of potential fines. When using Outlook/Office365 or Gmail, salespeople will be in complete compliance with the Can-Spam Act.

Using a dynamic dashboard that can be filtered on the fly, you can analyze your whole pipeline across any dimension over any time period. With trustworthy sales information, you can see why and how your pipeline is changing, which can help you prevent unpleasant surprises and better design your plan.


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