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Knowbo is a website for custom chatbots that utilizes ChatGPT to create a chatbot that learns from the knowledge base of your website. By employing Knowbo, you can easily integrate a user-friendly chatbot that grants access to your entire website, leading to a decrease in the workload of your support team. To ensure the most up-to-date information, the chatbot constantly updates its knowledge base whenever your website undergoes changes.

Knowbo provides various features, including chat history to keep track of previous conversations, as well as effortless deployment on your website without requiring intricate coding or technical expertise. Training the chatbot is a straightforward and automated process, where it acquires knowledge directly from your website’s URL or sitemap. Furthermore, you have the freedom to personalize the chatbot to align with your brand’s colors, image, texts, logo, and chat icon.

By utilizing Knowbo, your customers can directly ask questions and receive answers from your website, resulting in a smooth customer experience. The chatbot excels in handling complex and ambiguous questions, as it learns directly from your website and comprehends industry-specific terminology and jargon.


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