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Coursebox is an AI tool that assists in the creation of courses by utilizing AI technology, ultimately saving users valuable time. With Coursebox’s AI, course creators can easily design a preliminary course structure based on initial prompts. Not only can the tool help generate course content such as text and quizzes for efficiency, but it also acts as a comprehensive drag and drop course builder. This means that users have the freedom to manually edit and add various elements, including videos, slides, images, and more. Whether you prefer public or private courses, sharing them as links, selling them, or embedding them on your website as an iframe, Coursebox provides the flexibility for all these options. Additionally, Coursebox offers custom branded certificates that can be effortlessly set up to automatically issue to those who complete your course. For efficient monitoring, reporting features are available to track the number of learners and course completions. This tool is particularly beneficial for organizations and individuals involved in selling courses, training managers, educators, or anyone in a position to enhance others’ skills. The key features of Coursebox include rapid generation of draft course structures and content, a user-friendly drag and drop builder, and the ability to engage learners through quizzes and videos. Furthermore, Coursebox not only delivers mobile-friendly e-learning but also provides captivating features that engage students and create an exciting learning experience. Users can construct visually interactive courses with videos and quizzes to motivate and capture the interest of students engaging in e-learning.


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