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ClassPoint AI is a tool powered by artificial intelligence that aims to simplify the process of creating quiz questions from PowerPoint slides. By utilizing advanced AI technology, users can generate thought-provoking questions with just one click, as the tool analyzes the content of slides. There is also the option to choose from various question formats, such as multiple choice, short answer, and fill in the blanks, in order to cater to different types of audiences. Furthermore, users can customize the cognitive complexity of the quiz questions by utilizing Bloom’s Taxonomy Levels.

In addition to these features, ClassPoint AI offers multi-language support, enabling educators to reach a wider audience and promote inclusivity. The integration with PowerPoint presentations is seamless, providing the convenience of generating additional questions, checking the correct answer, or saving the question as a slide. This tool is valuable for educators, presenters, trainers, and professionals who deliver webinars or workshops, as it helps engage the audience and enhance participant comprehension through interactive quizzes. With ClassPoint AI, creating interactive learning experiences becomes effortless.


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