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“ChatGPT for Search Engines – Chatonai” is a popular extension for many web browsers (including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and more) that was developed with the goal of improving the ChatGPT user experience on search engines.

The team behind “ChatGPT for Search Engines – Chatonai” realized the value of ChatGPT prompts when implementing this AI language model, so they created a wide variety of Best Copywriting Prompt Templates that are accessible via the search results page after installation. This is a powerful component of this add-on for ChatGPT-based search engines. The pre-built templates increase the likelihood that users will obtain the most relevant responses from ChatGPT.

Blog, social media material, content enhancement, email, and case study template prompts are just some of the areas where you can obtain some inspiration. In addition, you may choose from a large number of excellent prompts whenever you’re interested and effortlessly make use of them to acquire the greatest replies from ChatGPT. So that you can quickly discover what you need, these prompts have been collected and organized into categories based on both topic and popularity.

The addon also includes the sophisticated OpenAI API Configs. OpenAI’s official API is more stable than the API that runs the Web and is priced on a per-use basis. ChatGPT users can select their preferred API for improved security and reliability when working with the service. In addition, the ability to use a pop-up window, a standalone page, and key features like Code syntax highlighting to make technical information more accessible remained unaltered. With ChatGPT for Search Engines – Chatonai installed in your browser, you may ask ChatGPT any question, at any time, from any location.


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