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AI Plagiarism Checker

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The platform provides an AI plagiarism checker and chat GPT content detector, which has been specifically designed to identify AI-generated content and instances of plagiarism. This tool utilizes advanced AI technology that is highly accurate in detecting AI content. Within a matter of seconds, users can add their text and effortlessly check it using the AI detector.

Moreover, this tool is compatible with a variety of file formats, including doc, docx, txt, odt, rtf, and pdf. The only requirement is that the text should consist of at least 250 symbols. The AI plagiarism checker is extremely beneficial in a range of contexts, such as academia, SEO, and recruitment.

In academic settings, this tool plays a vital role in promoting academic integrity through the detection of AI plagiarism. In terms of SEO, it ensures that websites are not jeopardized by including AI-generated content that could harm their rankings. When it comes to recruitment, the tool effectively filters out applications that have been written by AI systems in order to prioritize human-generated content.

To facilitate educators and educational institutions, the tool offers a complimentary one-year access option. This allows teachers and educational organizations to utilize the tool’s functionalities without any additional cost.


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