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Introducing Truebees, a detector specifically designed to address the proliferation of AI-generated portraits on social media platforms. By using Truebees, users can effortlessly validate the authenticity of an image, ensuring that they only share photos that they have complete confidence in. This robust tool is instrumental in the battle against deepfakes and misinformation, providing media professionals with the ability to identify and dispel uncertainties around ambiguous or unattributed images. Truebees plays a vital role in preventing the dissemination of AI-generated images, which can lead to alarming situations such as scams, cyberbullying, revenge porn, and other digital crimes.

Truebees caters to professionals in the media industry, law firms, and press news agencies, simplifying and expediting fact-checking efforts. Media outlets can collaborate on news editing and publish their work with unwavering certainty, while freelance journalists can offer guarantees of authenticity when selling their content to media organizations. Furthermore, lawyers and legal advisors can rely on Truebees to provide evidence of image credibility for use in lawsuits.

What sets Truebees apart from other detectors for AI-generated images is its specific focus on identifying AI-generated portraits shared on social media platforms. This unique approach gives Truebees an advantage, as other detectors may struggle to accurately classify images that have undergone processing by the platform. Truebees overcomes this challenge through its innovative utilization of fine-tuned deep networks.


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