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🤑 3 Steps To Making Money With AI

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Now that Sam Altman is back in OpenAI, everything seems calmer. But did you hear them claim they have probably finally discovered artificial general intelligence (AGI)?

The AI term is marvellous and huge, but AGI may be 100x larger and more impactful. While it will probably still take a few more years, we are closer to AGI than ever before. Check out this new post👇️ 

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Today, we’ll look at:

  • 🤑 3 Steps To Making Money With AI

  • 🤖 3 Non-AI Tools You Must know

  • 📰 Important AI News

  • 🗞️ Other AI News


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Now let’s dive into today’s menu.

🤑 3 Steps To Making Money With AI

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As with every technology, people think they will get rich by using it easily and quickly. But what if you just tried to make realistic sums of money and focused on making a living on it first?

1. What: Choose what you will do. I can give you a few ideas. But you must know what you are best at. Is it video content? Is it newsletter writing or can you make courses? Choose something that you know you can do. Then go to the next step.

2. Niche: Pick a niche. It doesn’t have to be about AI. You can create cooking tutorials or sports content. But you can use AI tools to save you time editing, creating captions, thumbnails, etc.

3. Consistency: It is a cliché, but it’s true. There are many videos that didn’t do well for me, or weeks where I made no money with affiliate marketing. But consistency allowed me to be the CEO of AI Trendz full-time and make a living this way. I am not rich, but I work for myself. That’s what’s important for me.

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When you are done with these 3 steps, then focus heavily on monetizing. Brand deals, ads, affiliate marketing, selling your services & products. But you don’t need everything. Just combine a few of these that you think you can do, and it will make you a living.

🤖 3 Non-AI Tools You Must know

I always write about AI tools, but not everything is AI. Something is just automated or awesome 😀 

1. 📽️ Video downloading: No specific tool for this. But NEVER download videos from TikTok or Instagram. There is a WATERMARK. You can download videos without a watermark for free! Snaptik is for TikTok videos. Snapinsta is for Instagram. And there is a platform for every social media. You just have to Google them like this “Facebook video downloader”.

2. 📆 Zcal: If you know Calendly, this is very similar, but 100% free! I use it too to book calls with people and save time in communication. Very useful!

3. 🛠️ Smallpdf: Merge PDFs, convert JPG to PDF, PDF to Word, eSign PDF, and many more useful tools for free.

FYI, these are not brand deals. All just free tips for you to be more productive and efficient 🚀. If you think this newsletter is helpful, share it with a friend. Make them sign up. It would mean a lot to me.

In case you want AI tips, here is our newest list👇️

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📰 Important AI News

1. 📈 NVIDIA CEO Huang urges faster AI development: Wait…what? Yep. You read that correctly. Despite the prevailing calls for a cautious pace in AI development over safety concerns, NVIDIA founder Jensen Huang is a staunch advocate for acceleration. He posits that pushing the boundaries of AI can unlock novel technologies to better comprehend risks and implement crucial safeguards. In support of his argument, Huang cites OpenAI’s use of reinforcement learning from human feedback as a tangible example of developing oversight technology within the realm of AI. Furthermore, he expresses confidence in the existing regulatory framework’s ability to effectively manage the surge of emerging AI applications.

2. 🤖 New LLM enters the AI space: AI startup Inflection AI has just unveiled Inflection-2, a substantial 175 billion parameter language model. They assert that its capabilities surpass those of Google and Meta’s top models and are close to matching GPT-4. In terms of performance, Inflection-2 outperformed LLaMA 2 and PaLM 2 on various NLP benchmarks and approached GPT-4 levels on specific tasks. CEO Mustafa Suleyman shared that the model is set to be integrated into their Pi chatbot after a few final tweaks. Suleyman further predicts that the company’s next model will be 10 times larger within 6 months.

3. 😲 Anthropic’s Claude can now analyze 150,000 words in 1 prompt: Anthropic has rolled out Claude 2.1. The context window has now expanded to 200,000 tokens, allowing users to upload extensive materials and receive detailed summaries, answers, comparisons, and pattern recognition from the chatbot. Anthropic claims a remarkable 30% reduction in errors for long documents, accompanied by a lower rate of incorrectly supporting claims due to its robust context windows. Furthermore, Claude 2.1 has cut its hallucination rate by 50% and now displays a higher frequency of acknowledging uncertainty. For developers, the update includes a Workbench console for refining prompts and accessing new model settings to optimize Claude’s behavior.

🗞️ Other AI News

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