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Wallu is an AI-powered chatbot designed specifically for Discord servers, offering support and answering commonly asked questions. Thanks to its intelligent AI capabilities, Wallu can comprehend and automatically respond to member inquiries without requiring tags.

Furthermore, the bot has the ability to learn from feedback through reactions and adjust its responses accordingly. To facilitate this, Wallu provides an easy-to-use admin panel where frequently asked questions can be manually added or imported, as well as the option to upload relevant documents for the bot to refer to in its responses.

With support for more than 50 languages, Wallu ensures that it can cater to diverse communities with its multilingual capabilities. Additionally, it offers various customization options and includes a server message history search function.

Given the numerous servers and members already benefiting from Wallu, users can effortlessly add the bot to their own server and begin leveraging its features by entering a simple command.


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