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Teachermatic is an innovative platform for educators that harnesses the power of AI to transform teaching. With the utilization of GPT-3 technology, it aims to alleviate the burden on teachers and allow them to focus on their students. Regardless of experience level, Teachermatic simplifies and streamlines the teaching process through the integration of artificial intelligence.

Teachermatic provides a personalized AI planning assistant, which enables teachers to save precious time on lesson planning. By offering a foundation and structure for all subjects, it encourages teachers to dedicate their energy to cultivating engaging and imaginative classes. Furthermore, the platform features AI generators that facilitate the creation of high-quality educational resources, including lesson plans, activities, worksheets, and more. These generators employ sophisticated language processing algorithms to comprehend teachers’ input and generate materials tailored to their desired topics.

To further support teachers in their daily tasks, Teachermatic encompasses several additional tools such as a multiple-choice quiz maker, scheme work generator, class question generator, rubric generator, and glossary generator. By automating monotonous tasks and providing valuable resources, these features effectively save teachers time and effort.


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