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Smart Pineapple

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Properties seeking to boost direct bookings can expand their digital footprint with various tools for social media, marketing, email writing, web optimization, and more. Enhance guest services and experiences with tools for personalizing a guest’s experience through tailor-made itineraries and tips. A guest review responder helps in replying quickly to their online reviews. Happy guests result in good reviews, recommendations, and repeat stays.

In addition, supports sustainable tourism. You can access tools to help you make steps towards sustainability, no matter how small the step may be. Helping you develop a competitive advantage in an ever-evolving market.
Flexible plans. A Free Plan is available if you want to see how it all works or have only a few tasks each month. An Individual plan is ideal for property owners or managers eager to leverage AI technology. And a Teams Unlimited Plan with unlimited seats to accommodate multiple co-workers.


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