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Lumina Chat

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Lumina is a research suite powered by AI, which grants users access to an extensive database of 300,000 journal articles. It provides accurate and validated answers to research queries and enables users to compile relevant sources. Lumina includes specialized bots for conducting research tasks and is compatible with most web browsers.

Key features of Lumina encompass the capability to ask questions and receive validated answers from freely available articles, delve deeper into a subject to test hypotheses, and explore contextual information. Users have the ability to assemble collections of documents for targeted research and effortlessly curate their knowledge. Moreover, Lumina offers LLN-as-a-Service, enabling users to instantly expand their knowledge base and develop expertise in their respective fields.

The tool proves highly beneficial for researchers and professionals in the scientific community, as it empowers them to utilize Lumina’s LLN models to uncover correlations between studies, foster new ideas, and concentrate on their scientific endeavors.


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