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Kintsugi is an AI-powered sales tax automation tool that helps companies worldwide streamline their sales tax processes.With its cloud-based platform, Kintsugi automates the entire sales tax lifecycle across multiple sales channels, including calculations, nexus tracking, reporting, filing, and remittance.

The platform also offers automatic state registration in every jurisdiction and real-time nexus tracking alerts, providing businesses with valuable insights on their nexus locations and economic thresholds.

By automating filing deadlines and ensuring accurate and prompt tax filing, Kintsugi saves valuable time and effort for businesses, reducing errors, fees, and penalties.Customers have reported significant savings in time and money, with many praising Kintsugi’s stress-free and streamlined tax management capabilities.

The tool offers transparent and competitive pricing based on analyzing SaaS company data, with additional charges per state per month.Kintsugi is compatible with e-commerce platforms, billing systems, and invoicing tools, and offers a user-friendly API for seamless integration.

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