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Convostack is an AI chatbot framework that enables developers to easily add customizable chatbot widgets to their websites using just a few lines of code. It fully supports conversational interactions in plain English and is powered by the Langchain framework, allowing users to incorporate AI models into their chatbots.

With seamless integration with popular frameworks like Pinecone DB, Express, and React, developers can effortlessly connect and integrate powerful functionalities into their existing websites. Convostack is an open-source framework that encourages developers to enhance and build upon the chatbot implementation.

Built on a technology stack beloved by developers, Convostack provides customizable use cases. The integration with Langchain seamlessly incorporates AI models, such as ChatGPT, while ensuring type-safety with TypeScript.

Convostack leverages the versatility of Express and React to seamlessly integrate on both the backend and frontend of websites, respectively. Additionally, it unlocks responsive chatbot conversations by utilizing the capabilities of Redis.

Making use of GraphQL, Convostack efficiently retrieves and manipulates data on the chatbot’s backend. It has a thriving community on platforms like Discord, GitHub, and Twitter, where developers can seek help, share projects, and contribute to the project.


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