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Chatindoc is a tool powered by artificial intelligence that makes it simple for you to read and comprehend lengthy and outdated PDFs. With its advanced AI technology, Chatindoc can efficiently analyze, understand, and summarize the content of PDFs, enabling you to quickly locate the information you require.

By using Chatindoc, you can also obtain explanations for specific terms or concepts within a PDF. Just engage in a conversation with the tool and request an explanation for a particular term, and it will deliver a clear and concise explanation to you.

In addition to PDFs, Chatindoc also permits you to swiftly analyze and summarize IR reports. By posing questions through the chat interface, you can significantly reduce the time spent on comprehending complex IR reports, resulting in saved man-hours.

Furthermore, Chatindoc is suitable for reading instruction manuals as well. Even if you are hesitant to go through lengthy manuals, Chatindoc can extract the necessary information for you and present it in a format that is easy to understand.

Chatindoc relies on the GPT-3.5 Turbo AI system, which possesses exceptional natural language processing capabilities. This allows it to genuinely comprehend and explain the content of PDFs, achieving comprehension outcomes comparable to those of a human.


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