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Will Bard Dethrone ChatGPT?

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I got responses from people saying that they weren’t able to access the list of TOP 20 AI tools for content creators.

So, if you want to boost your content GAME, here is the link 🚀. You just have to login/register at Notion.so (for free).

Before I show you the important AI report from A16Z, I will reveal a simple tip on how to create the viral AI spiral art trend like below 👇️ 

Instagram post by @aitrendz_xyz

🧑‍🎨 How to Create Trendy Artworks (Free)

  1. Go to “Illusion Diffusion” on Hugging Face website.

  2. Choose one of the illusion types (spiral or square).

  3. Write the prompt of the generated image.

  4. Click “run” and just wait a few seconds.

It can create pretty stunning pictures!

🤯 Important AI Data

It’s no surprise that ChatGPT is the 👑 of the AI space. However, will it stay that way forever? According to newly released data, a few AI projects are slowly but surely catching up. Here you can see the 50 most visited AI websites 👇️ 

Source: a16z

But here’s a more important number. While ChatGPT was on the throne in the midst of going public in November 2022, now it accounts for “only” 60% of the entire traffic.

Other important players are Character AI, Bard, Midjourney, Hugging Face, Perplexity, etc.

Source: X, a16z

Compared to ChatGPT, even the other popular AI tools seem like toddlers.

⚠️ Fun fact: ChatGPT’s web and mobile traffic is comparable to LinkedIn, Twitch, or Reddit.

⚠️ Fun fact 2: 4/5 of all the TOP 50 AI websites weren’t even alive one year ago.

While ChatGPT stays at the top, it is pretty clear Bard is quickly catching up. Why is this important? Bard was only launched when GPT-4 went live back in March, which is half a year ago.

I personally think ChatGPT will stay on top, but other competitors like Bard, Bing Chat, or Claude will slowly catch up. Just look at how powerful Claude’s Pro version is in my newest Instagram reel 👇️ 

Instagram post by @aitrendz_xyz

👨‍💻 3 AI Tools You Won’t Believe Exist

  1. 📹️ InVideo: Did you know that you can create entire videos with AI? Create long YouTube videos or Instagram reels with InVideo in just a few minutes. You can try it for free and if you decide to go with a paid version, it’s relatively cheap for the value you get. It’s definitely one of the best text-to-video tools out there!

  2. 🌐 Framer: No AI website builder comes close to this one. Framer has many cool templates that you can choose and adjust to your needs. And I gotta say they are stunning and eye-catching. Choose your category and try it for free.

  1. 🪄 Castmagic: Say hello to the best content editor in the world, where all the boring, repetitive job of editing and rewriting has been automated. Castmagic basically turns long-form content like podcasts or YouTube videos into ready-to-use content. It is paid but you can check out the reviews and see its benefits.

📰 Crazy AI News

  1. ⚔️ Google nears release of Gemini AI to challenge OpenAI: Last week, I mentioned how Zuckerberg is going after OpenAI, but the AI war intensified even more this week! Google is actually the one who has a chance. At the start of this newsletter, you saw that Bard is the 3rd most visited AI website. Now Google’s releasing Gemini that is able to power chatbots, write content, summarize text, and much more. Gemini will reportedly be trained on YouTube video transcripts.

  2. 🤑 AI investment forecast to approach $200 billion globally by 2025: It’s a no-brainer. AI has become a competitive advantage in business, art, and many other areas. Goldman Sachs claims that Generative AI has enormous economic potential and could boost global labor productivity by more than 1% a year in the decade following widespread usage.

  3. 👧 Virtual influencers are rulling the internet: Online content production, dissemination, and promotion are all being revolutionized by virtual influencers. Non-human virtual influencers, animated human influencers, and lifelike CGI human influencers are the three most common types. Each one introduces a fresh strategy for establishing rapport with viewers. And many of them make the big bucks. Crazy, right?

🗞️ Other AI news

Instagram post by @aitrendz_xyz

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