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I’ve heard some people say AI boom is temporary. They couldn’t be more wrong. Although it’s summertime, a lot of things are still happening! Let’s go and start with a useful hack! 😎 

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There are way too many AI tools, you know that. Here are the best 3 AI tools for writing that I use daily/weekly as a content creator.

👨‍💻 My 3 Favorite AI Writing Tools 

  1. 📰 Quillbot: This is an amazing AI tool for text paraphrasing. Any time you need AI to rewrite a text, Quillbot is your go-to place. It has several modes that you can use. No need for prompting. And it’s a freemium tool.

  2. ✍️ ChatGPT/Claude 2: ChatGPT can also rewrite text, but you need to write the right prompts. I prefer to use ChatGPT for brainstorming, rewriting text from bullet points to sentences (or vice versa), etc. Claude 2 is even better sometimes. You just have to use VPN in USA/Canada for that.

  3. 🧙 RankWizard: There are many SEO AI tools. Some are okay, some are terrible, giving you only 500-word articles…This AI tool can write you a 4000-5000 words long article! RankWizard is definitely one of the best AI SEO tools.

I found out that many people struggle with prompting, and I get bad results from time to time as well! So here are…

⚡️ 3 Simple Tips to Improve Prompting

  1. 🤖 Be Clear and Specific: Provide precise instructions in your prompts to guide the AI in the desired direction. Clearly outline the topic, context, and any specific details you want the AI to focus on. This helps the AI generate more relevant and accurate responses.

  2. 🙆‍♂️ Use Examples: Including examples of the type of content you’re looking for is the best way for AI to understand your prompt better. You can provide a sample sentence, paragraph, or even a dialogue to give the AI a context to build upon.

  3. 🧪 Experiment and Iterate: Don’t hesitate to experiment with different phrasings or variations of prompts. If you’re not getting the desired output, try rephrasing your prompt or breaking it down into smaller steps.

Do: In a cozy library filled with bookshelves, a fluffy Maine Coon cat lounges lazily on a plush armchair. Describe its majestic size and the aura of tranquility it exudes amidst the rows of literary treasures –v 5.1 –style raw –ar 5:3 –no watermark

Don’t: A fluffy cat in a library

The result? Pretty good. With text generation, don’t hesitate to include examples.

📰 Mind-Boggling AI News

  1. 🤑 Nvidia continues to conquer AI scene: Nvidia’s Q2 2024 earnings resulted in $13.5B revenue and $6B in profit. Booming demand for AI chips fuels growth. We can expect to see grow anything that touches AI…

  2.  🖼️ Midjourney Adds Image Inpainting: This new feature, “Vary (Region),” lets users inpaint on an image’s canvas. Users can select image sections and edit them using text prompts with the Vary function. For instance, users can select a bad section of the image and utilize a prompt to change it. How cool is that for $100 a year?

  3. 🦙 Meta relases Code Llama: Meta works hard on AI. After failing with metaverse and stablecoin in the past, the company is trying to make it all up with hopes of conquering the AI scene. Meta released state-of-the-art large language model (LLM) for coding. Btw it’s free!

🗞️ Other important AI news

  • A woman speaks thanks to AI technology. Read this article or see it below in the Instagram video👇️

Instagram post by @aitrendz_xyz

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