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The #1 AI Hack of 2023

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Hey AI addicts,

I’m excited to write my third newsletter. I am going to give you some valuable tips and crazy news as always. Let’s go!

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Instagram post by @aitrendz_xyz

🤯 Create 100 Posts In 1 Minute With AI!

Woah…really? Yes. It may be tough to generate long social media posts diving deep into some topic, but it is easy to “bulk generate” tens of simple posts like quotes, facts, or jokes. Here’s how in 5 simple steps.

  1. Go to ChatGPT and ask it to create what you want, with a call to action (CTA) so people will comment and increase engagement on the post, and the day of the week. This is just an example. You can choose anything else. Just like that, you get the results. Obviously, not all posts fit in this screenshot.

Step 1

  1. Then head over to Canva, and choose or create a template that fits your Instagram (or whatever social media platform you use). I chose AI (obviously) and generated this design in a few minutes.

Step 2

3. Now click on “Apps” and search for “Bulk create” option.

Step 3

  1. Then you should see this window. Click on “enter data manually” and copy paste the result from ChatGPT there. Now the last step.

Step 4

  1. The last step is to connect data points like the quote or a fact, call to action, day of the week, etc. Then you hit generate and you have as many social media posts ready as you want.

Step 5

I can’t insert a video here, but you can see the examples of posts below👇️ 

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📰 Eye-Whopping AI News

  • 🟢 China is allegedly about to greenlight its first wave of commercial generative AI services. China’s recent approval of AI services, following new regulations, signals strong government endorsement. Tech giants Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent compete, with Baidu’s Ernie Bot likely to be approved first. Possible U.S. semiconductor sanctions may impact Western models, but Baidu claims Ernie outperforms ChatGPT.

  • 🤑 OpenAI is projected to reach over $1 billion in revenue next year, a remarkable jump from the 2021 estimate of just $28 million. This surge is attributed to companies like Microsoft, Jane Street, and others finding practical uses for OpenAI’s AI technology, especially in custom enterprise AI assistants. This report contradicts recent financial concerns and suggests that OpenAI has achieved profitability through partnerships and enterprise offerings, signifying significant implications for the AI industry’s future.

  • ❌ US curbs AI chip exports from Nvidia and AMD to some Middle East countries. New licensing rules, affecting AI chips A100 and H100, were applied to Nvidia and AMD last Thursday. Both companies stated that the Middle East restrictions won’t significantly impact their revenue. These rules add the Middle East to the list of regions, including China and Russia, facing restrictions amid heightened tensions related to Taiwan chip manufacturing.

🗞️ Other Important AI News

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