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Summarize any website text without copying it by writing, rephrasing, translating, or explaining it in your own words.


Suenagringo is an AI tool providing natural English translations for non-native speakers, offering various features and pricing plans.


MobileGPT is a paid AI tool offering document services and language translation via WhatsApp.


Papercup’s AI tool offers affordable video dubbing and translation for diverse industries.

Targum Video

Targum Video is an AI tool that quickly translates videos from various platforms into multiple languages.


Vidby provides quick, AI-driven video translation, dubbing, and customizable voiceovers in 70 languages.

Gen Z Translator

Studio M64 is an AI tool providing various services, helmed by music, strategy, and innovation enthusiasts.


EasySub is an AI-based tool for quick transcription, translation, and subtitle generation for videos.

Gen Z Translator

Studio M64 is an AI tool offering multiple services to help companies connect with their target audience.

ChatGPT Mail Responder

AI Mail Assist – ChatGPT is a Gmail add-on using AI for efficient email management.

Translate.Video is used by 250,000 creators to effortlessly translate videos into 75+ languages with just 1-click.


Robi is an AI-powered chatbot on WhatsApp that creates images, helps with essays, translations, and solves math and programming problems while maintaining data privacy.


LunaBot is a user-friendly chatbot that can translate, summarize, correct grammar, and generate fresh concepts on any webpage.


Zev is a versatile AI chatbot on multiple messaging platforms, offering diverse assistance and personalization, with a free trial and starting at $10 per month.