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Tactiq AI tool for real-time meeting transcripts, summaries, and integration with other platforms.


Cogram is an AI tool for team collaboration, project management, and virtual meetings.


Talknotes is a powerful AI tool for converting voice memos into organized text notes, with additional features in Talknotes Plus. AI tool for quick, efficient video/podcast transcription. Supports 1500+ platforms, offers concise summaries, speaker identification, and contextual question answering.

Sembly AI

Sembl AI streamlines meetings by transcribing, summarizing discussions, and integrating with popular tools for improved productivity.

Berrycast Transcripts

BerryCast is an AI-powered project communication tool that automates recording, transcription, and summarization.


Sonix provides quick, precise AI-powered transcription, translation, and subtitling in 40+ languages with advanced features.

Podcast Marketing AI

The Podcast Market AI tool creates unlimited podcast assets with 99% transcription accuracy, improving SEO.

AI Magic Writer

AI Magic Writer is a multi-platform AI tool for generating video scripts and screenplays.

Animaker’s Subtitle Generator

Animak’s AI Subtitle Generator transcribes and subtitles videos in 134 languages, enhancing viewer engagement.


EasySub is an AI-based tool for quick transcription, translation, and subtitle generation for videos.


RambleFix transforms messy voice recordings into polished text and supports list creation for prioritization.


Echofox is an AI-powered personal assistant providing fast, accurate transcriptions of voice messages in multiple languages.


Rythmex Converter is an AI-powered tool that efficiently transcribes audio to text in over 140 languages.


Audionotes is an AI tool that converts, organizes, and summarizes voice notes into text content.

AnthemScore by Lunaverus

AnthemScore 4 is an AI music transcription software offering a 30-day free trial with various purchase options.


Transvrib is an AI tool on Github that transcribes videos and supports multiple languages.


Vid2Txt is an offline app that transcribes video and audio files accurately without subscription fees.