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Midjourney Prompt Builder

The Midjourney Prompt Generator v5: a versatile tool for custom prompts, perfect for artists, writers, and creators. Sign up for daily prompt ideas.


AI tool analyzes language to generate art reviews, challenging traditional models but may have biases and problematic issues.

Leap Touch

Leap Touch: AI tool for generating/editing photos with customizable styles (pop art, sketch book, cyberpunk, fantasy) & adjustable settings.


Promptxart AI generates art based on text prompts like “sturdy,” “gladiator,” “evade,” and “pirate,” with various art styles available.

AI Art Apps Database

AI tool for designing art and generating unique digital artwork using algorithms and machine learning models.


Giti ChatGPT: AI language model for generating human-like text, supports 130 languages, offers various NLP tasks & subscription plans.

Text Assistant

Text Assist, an AI tool on Ventura, simplifies text generation for various purposes, requiring an OpenAI API key.


Avatarifi, an AI tool, enables users to create unique avatars using selfies and prompts.

Video Generator by Vidds

The AI tool on generates professional videos using keywords, customizable themes, and stock assets.


Phenaki, an AI tool, generates realistic videos from text using a novel causal model.

AI Social Media Post Writerby Socialblu

Socialbu is an AI-powered tool for scheduling, publishing, and generating social media content across platforms.


Hushl is an AI-powered platform that aids in creating and improving content for various platforms.


The AI tool, available for $4.90, provides various features for creating AI-generated content.

Jounce AI

Jounc is an AI-powered tool that simplifies professional content creation with customizable templates and features.

Prompts Ideas

PromptsIdeas is a marketplace where anyone can easily and quickly find the right generative AI prompts.


Raplyr is an AI tool that generates unique rap punchlines, encouraging user feedback and cultural understanding.


MusicLM is an AI tool that generates high-quality, consistent music from text prompts and diverse datasets.


MusicLM is an AI tool that generates high-quality music text and modifies melodies based on prompts.


Promptlay is a platform for engineers that simplifies performance management and API tracking.

Education CoPilot

The AI Lesson Planner is an AI-powered tool for creating lesson plans, available in English and Spanish.