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In-browser neural network converts text to customizable handwriting styles, downloadable as SVG.

AI Meme Generator

AI Meme Generator is a simple AI tool for creation of funny memes


OurBabyAI helps you see your future baby in AI-generated photos.


Do you want a photo with a celebrity? Maskr’s AI tool can help you with that.


Replicate is a web tool that employs AI to create visual representations of Pokemon from written descriptions.

Auto Draw

Autodraw: AI tool for fast drawing with machine learning, suitable for artists and beginners. Download, share, and start over drawings.

Silly Times

Free AI drawing app “Silli Time” generates images from sketches, featuring a magic wand for easy drawing and editing.

Adventure AI

Adventur AI: AI tool for kids to learn AI skills in art, programming, and text. Offers real-world value, updated curriculum, and affordable pricing.


AI Pet Art tool transforms pet photos into art for free. Upload 12-20 high-quality photos, get results in <30 mins, view and share with friends.

Petportrait AI app creates unique pet portraits in 20 styles using 20 photos. Transform your pet into a star in 24 hours. High-quality and customizable.


Dreamwalk: AI art tool for contests, challenges, and community events. Create stunning art, connect with artists, gain inspiration. Sign up free.

Naming Magic

Magic: AI tool by Swift Ventures finds perfect domains using GPT-3, suggests NFT cat art and keywords. Mobile app for easy browsing.

Blackink AI

Blackink AI: a free tattoo generator with 2,000+ design ideas across various styles. JavaScript required, no pricing info given.


AI tool, text-to-pokemon, generates Pokemon characters from text descriptions using a 6.3m model trained on Pokemon images.

Maigic Book

Generate endless personalized stories using AI.

Cartoon Selfie

This AI tool swiftly converts photos into cartoons, offering editing features for optimal customization.

AI Pet Avatar

Dagnolo Carlo’s Generat AI Avatar Pet tool creates nine AI pet images for $4.99.


Retrato, an AI app, creates unique avatar portraits from your photos, available on App Store/Google Play.


Furmasterpiece, an AI pet avatar app on Google Play, quickly transforms pet photos into unique avatars.

Reface offers AI tools and apps for creating avatars, images, videos, and more.