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Palettebrain is an AI tool for Mac that enhances productivity by leveraging ChatGPT capabilities.

Dash AI

Dash AI is a chrome extension with chatGPT access to any webpage, featuring prompt library, commands, text expander, and affordable pricing.


PowerBrain AI is an AI chat app for iOS and Android that provides fast answers, task automation, and content generation for various fields.


A list of suggested prompts to use with Chat GPT for engaging conversations.


IngestAI allows users to create a ChatGPT-powered knowledge base for seamless integration into various platforms, enhancing efficiency.


GPTAnywhere is a desktop client that enhances communication with ChatGPT by providing a range of features for both Mac and Windows users.


The text describes various enhancements in the user interface, chat features, and chrome extensions of ChatGPT for an improved experience.


The proposed idea is to integrate ChatGPT with popular search engines, enabling users to view its responses alongside search results using browser extensions.


You can easily generate ChatGPT and MidJourney images by sending a message to our WhatsApp number and enhancing them with emojis.


This text asks for alternative suggestions for prompts to use with Chat GPT.


DapperGPT’s user-friendly UI and robust features make it easy to learn a new method to leverage the ChatGPT API.

Chat on AI

Chat on AI ChatGPT for Search Engines,Display ChatGPT response alongside Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo Search results. Uses Browser extensions.


With the help of AI, iChatWithGPT lets iPhone and Apple Watch users connect with OpenAI’s ChatGPT over iMessage.


Instantly create temporary keys that stop working after hitting spend limits.