Stori AI: AI tool for unique story writing with chatbot tech, 3,000+ subscribers, offers art/podcast recommendations, no marketing fluff or pricing.


Create a ChatGPT-powered knowledge base in minutes, embed it into your website or use it in various messaging platforms.


Chatdoc is a reading assistant that provides instant answers with cited sources, extracts information from PDFs, and allows targeted questions.

Social Var

Socialvar is a cloud-based AI tool that automates social media marketing, email, SMS campaigns, and chatbot solutions for businesses.

AI-Powered Post Generator

ChatGPT is a multilingual AI-powered chat platform for engaging social media posts and global communication.

AI Email Writer

The AI Email Writer tool uses GPT-3 technology to streamline email creation and management.


GPT and LLMs allow private document interaction without internet, ensuring data security and confidentiality.


IngestAI allows users to create a ChatGPT-powered knowledge base for seamless integration into various platforms, enhancing efficiency.

Humata AI

Humata is an AI-powered tool for quickly accessing and analyzing data from various file types.

ChatBob simplifies chatbot development for websites, offering features like customizable chat bubbles and visitor behavior analysis.


Chatur is an AI tool that analyzes and condenses chat PDFs, word documents, and PPTs.

NSFW Character AI

NSFW Character AI is a global platform that transforms users’ NSFW character fantasies into reality while promoting creativity and personal exploration through advanced creation features and engaging in personalized NSFW conversations.


Octocom is an AI chatbot for small and medium-sized ecommerce businesses that enhances sales, customer satisfaction, and support ticket handling.


MyShell is a game-changing platform for personalized chatbot creation, offering customizable features and tools for seamless user engagement.


Llamabot is an AI tool that enhances chatbots with personalization, multiple data sources, website integration, and versatile applications like customer service and FAQ chats while prioritizing user satisfaction and privacy.

Gleen AI

Gleen AI is a versatile and effective tool for creating personalized AI chatbots that can enhance customer service and provide quick and efficient assistance, offering seamless integration with different products and providing accurate responses through training with various materials.


Pandachat AI allows users to interact with data instantly and securely upload various file types, with intelligent search capabilities and integration with popular apps.


HeroTalk is an artificial intelligence platform that allows users to engage in voice conversations with AI versions of real and fictional characters, offering entertainment, education, companionship, and information for free.

Chatfuel AI

The Chatfuel AI tool offers advanced chatbot building capabilities that enhance personalized communication across multiple messaging platforms and websites.


HelpHub is an AI chat tool that can be integrated into websites, allowing users to search and communicate effectively.