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Pipedrive’s AI sales assistant reviews your prior sales data to recommend when you should take action to maximize your company’s earnings. It’s like having a sales mentor who’s always looking out for your best interests and offering advice based on how you’re doing.

The Sales Assistant feed consolidates all alerts and notifications in one location, fostering greater openness and teamwork while making it simpler to keep everyone on the same page. In addition, it delivers regular progress reports, so you can see how your results and performance have changed over the past week.

You can simply see if you’re slipping behind or making great strides toward your goals by comparing the results using handy graphs. Thus, Pipedrive AI sales assistant functions as a robotic sales consultant or smart alerting system, assisting with:

  • Streamline your sales processes.
  • Calculate sales revenue.
  • Remind or notify you of missing and potential opportunities by creating lead-generation strategies.
  • Suggest useful features to qualify prospects and boost retention. Recommend features that will help you qualify leads and keep existing customers happy.


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