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Oliv AI

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To help in the tracking of sales process adoption, Oliv AI is the artificially intelligent sales assistant.

It creates a responsive sales force that:

– Spends time dissecting sales calls in order to gain insight.
– Includes current information on successful strategies.
– Always uses effective methods of selling.
– Is able to see everything that goes on in the sales department.
– To do this, Oliv AI listens to hours of sales conversations and extracts the most successful discovery calls as well as the most prevalent client objections and questions.

It’s meant to inspire salespeople to prepare thoroughly before making cold calls. In addition, it offers real-time conversational insights to sellers, directing them toward the next intelligent actions to take in order to provide clients with a uniformly positive buying experience.

In addition to guaranteeing clean CRM data, Oliv AI simplifies the process of keeping Salesforce up to date. Sales technologies such as customer relationship management, meeting recording, video conferencing, and content management systems are all brought together to make the lives of salespeople easier and more enjoyable.


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