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Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

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How can we increase our wealth via technology without rendering human beings jobless and meaningless? How can we guide the youth of today into successful careers? How can we strengthen the security of future AI systems to ensure that they reliably perform as intended without crashing, malfunctioning, or being hacked?

Might we expect a rush to develop ever more devastating autonomous weapons? Will machines someday outsmart us, replacing people in the workforce and possibly in all spheres of life? Will artificial intelligence make life better than ever before, or will it give us too much control?

In what ways do you hope the future will develop? This book gives you the tools to participate in what could be the most pivotal discussion of our time. Superintelligence, purpose, awareness, and the ultimate physical boundaries of life in the cosmos are just some of the divisive topics that aren’t avoided.


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