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Kreado AI

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KreadoAI is a platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that allows users to easily and quickly create digital human videos. With a vast selection of digital human images of different ages, colors, and professions, KreadoAI caters to a variety of applications.

Users have the ability to convert text into AI-generated voices that sound human-like, and they can choose from a wide range of languages to make their videos come alive. With over 140 languages available, including Chinese, English, Portuguese, Hindi, and Indonesian, users have the freedom to select voices that suit their needs.

Furthermore, KreadoAI enables users to replicate human expressions exactly and even substitute human cameras with AI to create lifelike video content. By utilizing AI voice cloning, users can create voices that are remarkably similar to human voices without incurring any production costs.

KreadoAI also offers a unique AI marketing copywriting feature that generates high-converting advertising copy tailored to local marketing characteristics. This feature enhances the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Additionally, the platform provides AI image processing that automatically recognizes and removes image backgrounds within seconds.

Another notable feature of KreadoAI is its AI face swap tool, which allows users to replace people’s heads in both images and videos. This tool generates realistic and copyright-free portrait images. By incorporating these advanced AI capabilities, KreadoAI aims to simplify the marketing creative process, decrease production costs, and achieve better results in various marketing scenarios.


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