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The primary focus of the AI tool is to develop AI chat characters. The tool provides advanced AI models and the ability to upgrade to ChatGPT. Additionally, it includes an AI voice feature that allows users to install voices in their chatbots. The system also incorporates automatic sleep patterns and supports different states and moods such as sadness, happiness, and anger.

The tool offers a built-in editor that enables users to write datasets without relying on generative AI. Users can also upload images to create an image album specifically for their chatbot. Furthermore, the tool supports chat rooms for interacting with the AI and allows users to create multiple chatbots for different purposes.

To maintain confidentiality, private messaging is available, even in live settings. The tool can be utilized as a Discord bot for integrating with chatbots. Moreover, it provides a platform for direct communication with developers to seek support and give suggestions.

The AI tool is primarily used for creating AI chatbots encompassing companionship, gaming, roleplay, and knowledge sharing. Users have the option to engage with their chatbots in private or group chats. Additionally, the tool offers various character options and is consistently updated.


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