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Introducing the AI-Powered Press Release Generator offered by ITComms Alexander Likhtman’s PR Agency. This amazing tool enables users to effortlessly generate flawless press releases. With just a few simple steps, three personalized press release options will be created and delivered directly to your email inbox within minutes. By harnessing advanced artificial intelligence technologies and expertise, this tool ensures uniqueness and produces high-quality texts that are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

This AI-powered tool saves time and money by simplifying the process and generating a press release in a matter of minutes, eliminating the need for professional personnel.

By utilizing AI to generate press releases, you can position your organization as forward-thinking, embracing cutting-edge technology.

You can easily choose the media type and language for your press release. Whether it is intended for lifestyle, mainstream, special interest, or vertical media, and whether you prefer it to be in English or Russian, this tool has you covered.

Furthermore, you can conveniently provide contact information for journalists and media representatives to request additional information or clarification.


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