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ADXL AI is an artificial intelligence-based tool that simplifies and optimizes your digital advertising. It is compatible with various popular platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, as well as retail channels like Google Shopping, Amazon Ads, and Facebook & Instagram shop ads.

Here’s how it functions: Simply provide the tool with information about the product or service you are selling, your target audience, and your desired advertising budget. ADXL will handle the rest, setting up and managing your ads on your behalf.

The greatest advantage is that ADXL excels at its task. It can not only create and manage campaigns, but also improve them over time. Additionally, ADXL takes care of retargeting (displaying ads to individuals who have previously shown interest), tracking conversions (identifying those who make purchases as a result of the ads), and event tracking (monitoring important actions on your website).

The outcome? With ADXL, you can reduce your workload by 80% and decrease your ad spending by 30%. Furthermore, you can effectively reach a larger audience and convert them into customers. Ultimately, ADXL enables you to save time, money, and expand your customer base.


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