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Important AI Hack

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Hi AI enthusiasts 🤤 

Last time I showed you an insane ChatGPT hack with Canva. Now I’ve got another one for you. This one is going viral all over the internet, so pay close attention!

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⚡️How to use Canva in ChatGPT

With the new Canva integration in ChatGPT, you can make stunning visuals in a flash. Here’s how. You’ll need ChatGPT Plus to access this.

  1. Activate the plugin: Open the ChatGPT plugin store. Then search for and install “Canva”.

  2. Create visuals: Explain ChatGPT what you want to create with a prompt like: “I’m launching my new AI-related app. Generate a reel Instagram template related to AI and new technologies.” Then you’ll see a few suggestions and photos you can use.

  1. Choose a social network: It works for all kinds of social media like LinkedIn or X (Twitter). Just make sure to specify it because all social media have different dimensions.

  1. Modify and save: Choose your preferred visual by clicking the link. Make direct edits using Canva, and when you’re done, export the final version by clicking “Download” in the top right corner.

That’s it. Think of this hack as a way to use Canva more efficiently.

👨‍💻3 AI Tools that feel like hacks

1. Did you know you can remove a watermark from photos? This AI tool made it possible. One of the perks of AI. The best part? It’s totally FREE!

2. You may have heard about this one already. If not, it is like a better version of all AI image generators because it can generate text! It’s not perfect, but at least you can finally generate pictures, logos, or whatever with text. They still have a lot of work ahead in terms of quality, but yayyy, we have text in pictures.

3. Vondy: You know ChatGPT can’t do everything. Vondy has 100+ different apps for coding, writing poetry, creating articles, or even Notion templates! And it’s freemium.

🎁 Bonus tool Hoppy Copy: This AI tool helps you write email marketing campaigns or newsletters easily. While there are tools for almost everything nowadays, this is a true gem. Try it now for free for 7 days (free trial).

📰 Crucial AI News

  1. ⚔️ Meta is going after ChatGPT: Meta aims for its upcoming AI model to match or exceed the capabilities of GPT-4. This new model will significantly surpass their current leading model, Llama 2, providing businesses with enhanced capabilities for text generation and analysis. Moreover, Zuckerberg intends for this model to be freely available as open source software.

  2. 😏 Elon Musk’s struggle for the Future of AI: Elon Musk was deeply concerned about uncontrolled AI and founded OpenAI and Neuralink to ensure safe development. Now he’s launching xAI, focusing on truth-seeking AI with Tesla and Twitter data. Musk aims to shape AI development to safeguard human consciousness, a goal he deems precious and unique, despite his controversial views.

  3. 😮 Anthropic’s new AI model: Anthropic’s Falcon 180B, a new AI model with 180 billion parameters trained on 3.5 trillion internet tokens, achieves top-notch language results, rivaling proprietary models. This open AI research breakthrough expands NLP possibilities, but caution is needed due to occasional inaccuracies.

🗞️ Other important AI news

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