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He Made $1 million With ChatGPT at 20…

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If you haven’t noticed, there’s a crazy story about a 20-year-old who profited from AI in a big way. Today, we’ll look at:

  • 🤑 He Made $1 million Thanks to ChatGPT at 20

  • ⚡️ 3 AI Tools You Should Know

  • 📰 Mind-Boggling AI News

  • 🗞️ Other AI News

🤑 He Made $1 million Thanks to ChatGPT at 20

How is this possible? Just 20-year-old student Joe Popelas earned more in a few months than some people can earn in a lifetime, all with the help of ChatGPT.

Joe is a computer science student who had the idea to use ChatGPT for writing books in the summer of 2022. Fortunately, he started utilizing artificial intelligence much earlier than most, allowing him to quickly and consistently create numerous books.

However, it wasn’t easy for him. He built this business while juggling school and manual labor to make ends meet while studying. He didn’t give up despite the tough beginnings, and as a result, he built a brand worth approximately $1 million in less than a year! If you want to watch the entire video, here is the YouTube link.

To succeed, Joe recommends these key steps:

🧑‍🎓 Learn how AI models function: You can’t simply ask ChatGPT to “write me a book on how to make money.” You need to be more specific and provide AI with proper instructions.

💡 Choose a niche: Joe made it clear that he focused on one topic. He didn’t write books on business one day and meditation the next.

🎯 Targeting and Strategy: He knew his target audience (potential customers) was active on Pinterest, so he invested in advertising there.

⚡️ 3 AI Tools You Should Know

Everybody knows there are thousands of AI tools by now…Check out these 3 I recommend so you can save time & money.

  1. 📧 SaneBox: Lost with organizing emails? SaneBox helps you sort, clean, and organize your email, powered by AI! Try it for free and you will save hours of time each week.

  2.  ⚙️ Make: Do you know Zapier? Make is similar but more efficient and affordable! Automation is important and will be even more important in the next few years. Learn how to automate tasks with Make and make your life easier.

  3. ✍️ ImageToCaption: If you post content on social media, this AI tool will save you hours of time! Just upload a photo and this will write descriptions according to the photo you upload. You can even choose the language, emojis, hashtags, etc. Try it now for free.

📰 Mind-Boggling AI News

  1. 🏆️ Canva goes all in on AI: Not long ago, design was limited to professionals, but now apps like Canva, Adobe, and Figma have democratized design for everyone. Canva is also establishing a $200M fund to compensate creators who choose to train their AI models. Canva recently unveiled these new AI features:

  • Magic Media: Generate photos and videos with text prompts.

  • Magic Design: Turn ideas into designs with AI-generated templates.

  • Magic Switch: Translate content into different languages and formats.

  • Magic Expand: Make images bigger with AI.

  • Magic Edit: Edit images with simple text prompts.

  • Magic Morph: Transform text and shapes with visual effects.

  • Magic Write: Generate texts and summaries with AI.

  1. 🌠 Adobe teases new AI tool ‘Project Stardust’: It’ll be AI-powered photo editing tool, promising convenient object selection, background filling, and text prompt-driven object creation. The creative AI competition is heating up, with Adobe joining the fray alongside Canva and Google.

  2. 🤖 Morgan Stanley expects AI to affect over 40% of the workforce by 2026: Brian Nowak of Morgan Stanley forecasts that AI would have a $4.1 trillion economic impact on the global labor force in the next several years. Over the next 3 years, Nowak expects organizations to embrace more generative AI technology to automate more business processes and tasks, lowering labor needs in some sectors and creating new opportunities in others. If 20% of enterprises adopt AI, Morgan Stanley predicts $150 billion in new worldwide corporate IT spending. And some people still think AI is just a “temporary boom”.

🗞️ Other AI News

ICYMI, here’s everything you need to run a company in 2023:

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