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3 Easy Ways to Profit with AI 🤑

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Hi AI addicts 🤤 

It’s only Tuesday, and a lot is happening in the AI space. I will be as fast as possible so you can get maximum out of this newsletter.

Btw, people couldn’t access the list of TOP 20 AI tools for content creators and I didn’t see this bug…Sorry for this. But now it’s finally working, so check it out 😎 click here

Before we start, save this list of 3 awesome AI tools in 6 categories 👇️ 

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3 Easy Ways To Profit With AI 🤑 

These are not the typical ways to make money with AI like write articles or generate AI images. It’s about creating digital products.

1. 📚️ Write Ebooks: While you can make money “easily” by writing articles with AI tools like RankWizard (freemium) or Writesonic (freemium), you always have to put in the effort. The thing about digital products is that you can sell them infinitely. You write an Ebook once, and sell it a thousand times, or more. I am personally looking forward to creating one Ebook myself in the near future!

2.🧾 Create Useful Lists: I noticed there are thousands of AI tools out there and people are entering an “analysis paralysis” stage. That is why I created a list of TOP 30 AI tools to try and TOP 20 AI tools for content creators. While I gave it out for free, I made thousands in revenue in affiliate marketing and received a lot of email addresses for this newsletter you are reading. It’s very probable that you got here through one of these lists.

3. 🧑‍🏫 Sell Courses: This is similar to Ebooks, but still worth exploring. But don’t just focus on money. Focus on providing value like I did when carefully curating those lists of AI tools. Are you skilled in some area? Develop a course on it and sell it forever. Can’t sell it? You can provide it for free but make money through affiliate marketing and collecting emails.

📰 Eye-Catching AI News

  1. 💰️ Amazon invests $4 billion into Anthropic: Amazon is not sleeping on AI! Amazon has joined the battle for AI supremacy by investing $4 billion in AI firm Anthropic, joining Microsoft in its support of OpenAI and Google in its development of its own AI models. Amazon will invest $1.25 billion initially to acquire a minority position in Anthropic (potentially investing $4 billion later). With its chatbot Claude, Anthropic competes head-on with OpenAI and ChatGPT.

  2. 😲 Midjourney competitor BlueWillow acquried by LimeWire: LimeWire made a comeback by launching an NFT marketplace and its own cryptocurrency (which ended as a disaster by the way), and is now taking over BlueWillow. As one of the largest AI image generators with over 2.5 million Discord members and 500 million generated images, BlueWillow will be integrated into LimeWire’s website.

  3. 🤖 Microsoft’s AI Copilot coming soon: Microsoft strikes back with another AI updates! Copilot should be available in November and it should be integrated through all their apps. Reportedly, it will cost $30 per month. Is it worth it? We’ll see 😊 

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🗞️ Other Important AI News

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PS: Someone created a movie trailer with AI and it’s damn cool! 👇️ 

Instagram post by @aitrendz_xyz

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