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$1 Million Made with ChatGPT At 20: Here’s How He Did it

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Discover how 20-year-old Joe Popelas started writing books with ChatGPT and made $1 million in just one year.

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A lot of people know about ChatGPT and AI Tools. Not many people know how to use it to make a lot of money, though. Or get lots of money. It may seem impossible, but a student named Joe Popelas, who is only 20, was able to do in a few months what many people may never be able to do in their whole lives.

What was the key to his amazing success? ChatGPT is a great AI tool that has changed businesses and people’s lives and is still doing so. This is his story:

Joe’s Early Years

Back in the summer of 2022, Joe Popelas, who was studying computer science, had a great idea: he could use ChatGPT to write books. What makes Joe unique is that he saw the promise of artificial intelligence a long time before most people did, which gave him a big advantage.

Because he used it early on, he was able to quickly and regularly write a lot of books, making his dream a profitable reality. But Joe’s trip wasn’t easy by any means.

It wasn’t easy for him to balance his growing business with the responsibilities of school and working hard to make money.

Patience Brings Roses

On the other hand, he kept going and refused to give up when things got hard. For his unwavering drive paid off in the end, as he built a brand worth an amazing $1 million in less than a year!

This YouTube link will take you to the full movie, where you can learn more about Joe’s amazing story. Joe gives great advice in the form of key steps to people who want to follow in his path.

Key Lessons from Joe

  • Pick a niche: There was no doubt about Joe’s plan; he only talked about one thing. He didn’t go from writing business books one day to meditating the next. One thing that made him successful was that he was always good at what he did.
  • Find out how AI models work: A big part of Joe’s success was that he knew a lot about how AI models work. Asking someone to “write me a book on how to make money” is not enough.
    To get the most out of ChatGPT, you need clear and detailed directions.
  • Goal-setting and plan: Joe knew that his ideal customers were on Pinterest, so he made the smart decision to spend money on ads on this site. He was very successful, and this smart plan was a big part of that.


In the field of AI, ChatGPT has changed everything. It has created new possibilities and pushed the limits of what is possible. This story about Joe Popelas shows how useful AI can be and encourages others to explore all the options it provides.

Joe’s journey with ChatGPT is an inspiration to everyone who wants to make the most of the future, whether they are a student, a business, or just someone who is excited about the possibilities. There has only been one year since ChatGPT first came out. Think about what will be possible in ten years.

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