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👨‍💻 3 AWESOME AI Tools For Content Creators

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Welcome to the second newsletter, AI enthusiasts. Every new technology brings us amazing things we can do, so what is it now? Mortal Kombat! Just kidding, but it is surely fun to watch.

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Moving on…Here’s a fantastic way to create a chatbot. Why? You can automate customer support and use it for your website, Discord server, or even sell it as a service. Here’s a 1-minute video tutorial on how to do it if you prefer audio version.

🤖 How to Create a Chatbot

  1. Start: Go to or any other similar website. Then upload your content in various formats all at once in just a few seconds. It can accept PDFs, MP4s, YouTube videos, raw text, etc.

  2. Set-up: After feeding the chatbot with resources, choose its persona and behavior. Moreover, customize its look and other little things.

  3. Finish: Now you can sell the chatbot to your customer, integrate it into your website, share it with a link, or whatever…

🎁 Bonus: You can even choose pre-made chatbots that are based on Warren Buffett, Sam Altman, or other popular people.

👨‍💻 3 AWESOME AI Tools For Content Creators

  1. 🖼️ Tugan: Grow your followers by mimicking the success of viral content creators simply by recreating their content with this tool.

  2. ✍️ SEOmatic: Use an AI writer to produce high-quality SEO articles and watch your website’s visitor count soar (here’s my story with AI Trendz).

  3. 💻️ Vondy: Vondy is an all-in-one AI platform with the best tools and apps for creating content, getting things done, staying organized, writing, traveling, etc.

Find more AI tools for content creators in this list (click below to open)👇️ 

📰 Crazy AI News

  • ⚔️ USA and China use AI for military purposes: AI can help you in your job by saving a lot of money and time. However, governments see benefits elsewhere. To better compete in autonomous combat, both the US and China are racing to create AI-powered drones, vehicles, and surveillance.

  • 🫢 Scammers used ChatGPT to unleash a crypto botnet on X: A ChatGPT-based botnet running on X (Twitter) was uncovered by University Bloomington researchers. Many of the 1,140 accounts that made up the botnet appeared to be using ChatGPT to create and respond to social media posts. The aim of the auto-generated content was to get naive humans to visit crypto-hyping sites via the provided links. Social media will soon be more fake than it used to be. Beware.

  • 👶 EctoLife unveiled the first “Artificial Womb Facility:” It uses renewable energy to combat population decline by creating babies in the lab. How crazy is that? You be the judge.

Instagram post by @aitrendz_xyz

🗞️ Other important AI news

Anyway, I appreciate your attention to this newsletter. Please forward this email to anyone you know who could also benefit from reading it.

This is how the AI war looks in 10 seconds 👇️ 

PS: Also check out the list of TOP 30 AI tools made by AI Trendz. See you next time 😌 

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Rene Remsik

Rene Remsik

I'm the founder of AI Trendz, with 7+ years of experience in content creation and writing. I have run a content creation & social media agency since 2023. 
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