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👀 Generate Awesome Videos From Text

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Hello AI people 🤖 

Runway can generate you a 3-4 second videos with their AI. However, I’ve recently found out that you can generate an almost 1-minute video story with just a few words with one AI tool!

Let’s dive in.

Today, we’ll look at:

  • 👀 How to Generate Awesome Videos From Text

  • 🕹️ 3 Fun AI Tools

  • 📰 Crazy AI News

  • 🗞️ Other AI News

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👀 How to Generate Awesome Videos From Text

This one tool will change your video content creation forever. InVideo has several video tools, but I will focus on one here. And that will be “text-to-video”.

Step 1. – go to invideo.io and login/sign up. Then go to the top left corner and click on “AI Text To Video”.

Step 2. – describe the video you want as detailed as possible. I just wrote this to make it simple for your to see the result.

Step 3. – specify the target audience, feels the video should awaken, and for which platform it is. These are final edits and then you simply click generate.

In a mere minute, you can generate a video like this (and even a better one I am sure lol). This is a game-changer for video creators and you can try it for free, with no credit card required. Try it now for free. 

🕹️ 3 Fun AI Tools

1. 😃 Supermeme: Create memes with AI. Don’t waste hours creating them yourself. Just go to supermeme, create an account, and type what your meme should be about. It’s that easy and you can create a stupid meme like this for free👇️🫢

Just kidding, I love this AI tool.

2. 👾 GPT Game: Recreate old games with this AI tool easily. There are several games like Snake, Pong, 2048, etc. You basically play the existing game or can even copy the code of the game and take it with you.

3. 🧒 OurBabyAI: Want to see what your future kids will look like? 😀 You just have to upload the photo of you and your partner, and this AI tool will give you the estimation.

📰 Crazy AI News

  1. 🤑 Google invests $2 bn into Anthropic: Google has recently invested $2 billion in Anthropic, the company behind Claude, which is now considered a formidable rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. To provide some context, this investment builds upon Google’s earlier commitment of $550 million made earlier this year, resulting in a total investment of $2.55 billion. This strategic move mirrors Amazon’s recent $4 billion investment in Anthropic, highlighting the trend of tech giants forming partnerships with AI startups. Furthermore, Anthropic has also entered into a substantial deal worth over $3 billion to leverage Google Cloud services. This alignment of resources reflects Google’s efforts to strengthen its position in cloud computing by integrating its services with cutting-edge AI innovations.

  2. 🤯 Eureka! NVIDIA Research Breakthrough Puts New Spin on Robot Learning: NVIDIA Research introduces Eureka, an AI agent that enhances robot training performance and efficiency. Eureka has taught robots to perform various complex tasks, surpassing human-written reward programs on over 80% of tasks, resulting in a 50% performance boost. It utilizes GPU-accelerated simulation for efficient evaluation of reward candidates. Eureka is a self-improving AI, enhancing its reward functions with the assistance of GPT-4 LLM. This technology opens possibilities for dexterous robot control and realistic animations.

  3. 🎵 New Beatles Song Created with a Little Help from AI: The Beatles are set to release a ‘new’ song, ‘Now And Then,’ on November 2, part of a single with ‘Love Me Do.’ Originally written by John Lennon, the song remained unfinished due to technological limitations until AI helped complete it. The track features contributions from all four Beatles, and AI was used to separate Lennon’s voice from the piano sound, enabling its completion. A 12-minute film about the recording will precede the song’s release, and the song is the last to feature all four Beatles.

🗞️ Other AI News

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