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⚡️5 Awesome AI Alternatives

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Hello AI people 🤖 

So there are tons of AI image generators, and Google decided to release an experimental version of one. If it gets better, it could gain a huge market share and end most of the AI image generators.

Hopefully, this won’t happen! The Big Tech companies have unfair capital advantage over most companies developing AI tools. What do you think? Now let’s go over the AI menu of today 👇️ 

Btw, did you know you can make YouTube video & thumbnail in ChatGPT?

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Today, we’ll look at:

  • ⚡️ 5 Awesome AI Alternatives

  • 😇 3 Unbelievable AI Tools

  • 📰 Huge AI News

  • 🗞️ Other AI News

⚡️ 5 Awesome AI Alternatives

1. Why Midjourney if you can try Leonardo AI?

Leonardo AI changes the game if you’re into AI image generation. It creates awesome images, 3D models, and much more! Try it for free.

2. Use Photopea instead of Photoshop

Why pay a lot of money for Photoshop when Photopea can do the same thing for free? It works with PSD, XD, and Sketch files, which makes it very flexible. It basically has an AI in its app and can make killer photo edits! All simply done on your phone. Here’s the link.

3. Polarr is a cheap version of Adobe Lightroom

Polarr is a great choice for people who love editing photos. It has advanced AI tools and an easy-to-use interface that make it simple to make professional changes.

4. Capcut is like a video editor on steroids

It’s possible to make great videos without spending a lot of money. Capcut has terrific editing tools, an easy-to-use interface, and a lot of effects. Without spending a dime, you can turn your raw video into interesting stories. automatic captions, AI edits, and much more. Try it out.

5. Google Bard: Meet the 2nd biggest LLM

Want AI writing without having to pay for GPT-4? Google Bard has powerful text generation LLM that can help you make awesome content. It is the 2nd most visited chatbot behind ChatGPT, and for a good reason. Google recently revelead Bard extensions, similar to ChatGPT’s plugins.

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Here are 3 AI tools you probably didn’t know about👇️ 

😇 3 Unbelievable AI Tools

  1. 🦎 Quizgecko: Make online quizzes, tests or exams with this cool AI tool.

  2. 🖼️ Adobe Firefly: I am sure you know about this tool, but they recently announced big news! You will be able to delete objects or people from videos, or move objects in the photo (video about this coming soon).

  3. ☕️ Latte Social: This is a new AI video content tool and it is awesome! It’s like Opus Clip and it takes viral moments from long videos, and adds captions to the video. However, you can navigate it to remake video into a TikTok, YT short, or a Linkedin video! Many more choices and you can try it for free 😎 

📰 Huge AI News

  1. 🤖 OpenAI to launch autonomous agents? No source because it is just rumors for now. But OpenAI is set to unveil autonomous agents, a significant development in the AI world. These agents can autonomously perform tasks, like organizing an office party by connecting with various apps. While it’s a new field with varying use cases, this promises a leap in technology. Prior examples include MetaGPT and Google-Stanford’s interactive town. This could be big!

  2. ⚔️ Ukraine is using AI-powered drones without human oversight: Talk about scary future…The Saker Scout drone is equipped to carry bombs and boasts autonomous recon and attack capabilities. It utilizes AI vision to identify military vehicles and can strike targets without human intervention. Ukraine reports limited use of the autonomous attack function.

  3. 😵‍💫 Meta’s AI celebrities face more resistance than enthusiasm: Meta recently introduced AI chatbots resembling famous figures such as Kendall Jenner and Snoop Dogg. However, the decision to give them different monikers like “Billie” and “Dungeon Master” has primarily sparked bewilderment, doubt, and criticism. For some fans, distinguishing between the actual celebrity and the AI impersonator remains unclear due to limited disclaimers, prompting questions about the celebrity’s consent. Reportedly, Meta paid celebrities like Jenner up to $5 million for the rights to their likeness and voice, but fans are perplexed by the altered names.

🗞️ Other AI News

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